Study says an immediate shift to renewable energy feasible for the PH

A report by Greenpeace and the Center for Renewable Energy and Technology (CREST) has shown that for the Philippines, shifting to renewable energy is not only urgently needed, but is also feasible and is good for business. 

Released April 2021, the report, through a six-point energy transition plan, showed that power companies can refocus their businesses to renewable energy without sacrificing reliability and supply security. 

Furthermore, the report also mentioned that shifting to renewable energy can drive down generation costs by 17.58%. This is both beneficial to power companies and consumers as this could lead to an increase in profit for the former and lower electricity bills for the latter. Of course, renewable energy is also better for the environment and helps mitigate climate change compared to energy sourced from fossil fuels.

Greenpeace also mentioned that with the COVID-19 pandemic, power companies should hasten the shift to renewable energy, as it can help in the much-needed green recovery for the country. The pandemic has just highlighted the need for urgent decarbonization to deal with and prevent current and future crises that are related to the environment. 

“This report shows Meralco can very easily shift their focus to clean, renewable energy starting now. All that is needed is the willingness to change and do the right thing—and a clear plan that shows how they will follow through with that commitment,” said Greenpeace Campaigner Khevin Yu.


Condensed from an article by Greenpeace Philippines.

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