Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy at home

Our daily routine releases more carbon emissions than we think. From the food we consume to our commutes to work, to the technology waste we create as we work, we continue to contribute to the already alarming amount of carbon emissions, along with the rest of the population every day. 

Our energy consumption plays a big part in our carbon footprint, but did you know there are many ways to minimize your carbon footprint in your daily energy consumption? 

There are plenty of ways to maximize energy efficiency, minus the additional carbon emissions. 

Here are some tips:


Choose renewable energy

Renewable energy has been made more accessible now by energy providers. It’s affordable and just as reliable. Geothermal energy produces zero carbon emissions and is just as efficient. 


Turn off home appliances when not in use

A classic way to save energy, keep appliances and chargers unplugged when not in use. This saves energy and minimizes carbon emissions from your home appliances.


Surround your home with plants and shrubs

Plants keep your home beautiful and well-insulated and keep the air fresh. 


Seal your home well 

You’d be surprised how much heat and air escape through dents on your windows and walls. To avoid overworking heaters and fans, make sure your home is sealed. 


Insulate your home

Keep the temperature stable in your home by updating its insulation. This avoids unnecessary use of heaters and air conditioners and saves energy. 


Replace old appliances

Older and outdated home appliances hog energy, increasing your consumption.


Replace home lights with LED bulbs

LED lights use up to 85% energy, and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

There’s no such thing as too little effort when it comes to making better choices for a better future. If each of us does our part in minimizing our carbon footprint as we go, we can look forward to a cleaner and better tomorrow. 



Condensed from an article that appeared in The New York Times.

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