How to make your home regenerative

You’ve heard of sustainable homes, but what about regenerative homes? Is it possible for a house to be regenerative? Can the homes we live in actively restore the damaged environment?

The good news is, the answer is yes. 

Here are just some of the things you can do to lower your carbon footprint by making your house regenerative:

Plant trees

Regenerative homes need to help in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and one easy and simple way to do this is to plant trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and planting fast-growing native trees will help our homes actively reduce the carbon dioxide in the air 


Recycle greywater

Greywater refers to the water that goes down the drain from your showers, sinks, and laundry. While greywater is not fit for human or animal consumption, it can be safely directed onto the base of trees and other plants. The nitrates and phosphates in soaps and other greywater residues are good for certain plants. This system will also help create a habitat that will encourage a diverse ecosystem.


Produce energy

Installing solar panels or wind turbines for your home will not only reduce your house’s carbon footprint but if your system produces more energy than your house needs and flows it back to the grid, it can be used by other households. If more and more people start to rely on renewable energy, it will be easier for the country to move away from energy sourced from fossil fuels. 

If all of us practiced at least one of these techniques, imagine how much closer we will be to reducing our carbon footprint and making the regenerative future possible.



Condensed from an article by Tobias Roberts which appeared in Rise.

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