Building your own regenerative garden at home

Regenerative agriculture is a concept that is gaining traction in the global food sector, and with good reason. Regenerative agriculture aims to put nutrients back into the soil and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through practices like minimum to zero tilling, crop rotation, and multi-cropping. These result in increased biodiversity both in and above the soil, nourishing it in the process.

But did you know that you can build your own regenerative garden in your backyard? By using techniques that regenerative farmers practice, you can not only grow your own produce at home, but you’ll also be lowering your carbon footprint in the process.

Here are techniques you can try:


Cover cropping

Cover crops are plants specifically planted to nourish the soil. These include grain and legumes. These crops add organic matter to the soil and slowly add nitrogen to it, creating a balance that plants need to thrive.


Decreasing soil exposure

Pulling a crop and planting a new one in the same spot may be difficult for big farms, but it’s easy for home gardens. This practice lessens the time that the soil is exposed, helping it to retain more moisture and nutrients.


Zero tilling

Tilling degrades the structural integrity of the soil and reduces its ability to retain moisture and resist erosion. Tilling also releases carbon dioxide from the soil. Using alternatives to tilling—like sheet composting or broad forking—avoids these negative impacts.


Soil Solarization

Covering your plant beds with clear plastic heats the environment and kills weed seeds and pathogens, essentially preparing the bed for a direct-seeded crop. No need to turn over the soil!


You don’t have to be a professional farmer to practice regenerative agriculture! Incorporate these habits into your home garden and be one step closer to becoming regenerative.



Condensed from an article that appeared in One Green Planet.

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